DRX Keria Ryu Min-seok’s solo rank training.


Thanks to the DRX Keria Ryu Min-seok’s solo rank training.


“With the director’s instruction to raise the solo rank score, I focused on playing solo ranks and saw the effect of increasing the ability to make variables.”

Ryu Min-seok, a supporter of DRX, said that he has seen the effects of his solo rank training.

In an interview with Daily e-Sports after a difficult 2-1 victory over Seol Hae-won Prince on the 16th, Ryu Min-seok said, “It was a very difficult match and if I lost here, the chances of winning the first place could have disappeared, but I’m glad I overcame it.”

Ryu Min-seok said, “I think there was something wrong with the data on Seol Hae-won Prince that we had,” adding, “Seol Hae-won did well in creating variables and it seems to have become a difficult game due to our mistakes.”

Ryu Min-seok, who played with the Brahms in the second set, hid in the blue watchman area of the opposing team when DRX was trailing behind the kill score 3-7, and made a super play that floated two players due to cracks in the glacier. Through this battle, DRX added 3 kills and set the stage for a counterattack.

Ryu Min-seok said, “In the process of raising the Solo Rank score, I used various champions and met various situations, so I showed my ability to cope,” adding, “People who do Solo Rank have different ideas, so rather than being united as a team game, they play their own games.” In order to win in that situation, we have to make quick judgments and go through it alone, so we seem to have improved our coping ability in the process.

He also talked about how to do well as a supporter. Ryu Min-seok, who picked map control, skill shot, and sense as essential elements of the supporter, said, “It is basic to light up the map while laying wards with the Jungler, and the ability to appear at unexpected timing and attack can be called map control. “It’s important for us to get a shot right when we attack, but it’s important because we can minimize the damage if we tie it with a shot when the opponent tries to dive. The supporter’s sense is to remember when the opponent used the skill, then give a briefing and try a counterattack.”

Ryu Min-seok, who will play the final match against T1 in the 10th week, said, “It seems to be not easy because T1 is showing a force while continuing its winning streak. If we win the game against T1, we will be able to have confidence when we meet in the post season, so I want to win.”

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