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Guardian of Damwon Gaming

The strength of Damwon Gaming is its excellent line-up capability of the upper body, and its snowball operation, which leads to efficient intervention by the jungler. However, even if there is one or two outstanding parts on the team, LCK’s No. 1 spot is not an easy part to do, and it is hard to challenge for a championship or a World Championship. The reason why Damwon Gaming’s evaluation is increasing now is because it makes me feel that it is the team that has been completed at the highest level in LCK.


There is something in common if you look at the teams that won the World Championship or had a very fierce competition with him. There is no need to have superstars on every line. There were teams that had a weak line, and there were teams that accepted the other teams had a few teams had a weak line.

But the players knew exactly what role they were playing on the team. If the team had less resources to support, the player could manage the game in an efficient eco-mode. The blue-chip shares, which receive full investment, made their own plates and never lost in the Carrey fight. It is natural for a team with excellent overall completeness and finish to conquer the world. 안전놀이터

The fence has a pretty good finishing touch. The superior upper body shows off and sometimes accepts its attack. However, the concave part of Damwon Gaming is the distant dealer. It may seem nonsense in itself that the most mellow position of the most aggressive team in LCK is a distant dealer, but now Meta allows that.

This is not the time when the second-half Carrie was a blind target for a distant dealer. The portion of the top-tier teams in the Americas is their own choice. Damwon Gaming has 27% and 25.7% of top and mid, respectively, while distant dealers have only 3 options on firepower. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon is the eight-time LCK player who played Senna the most. Senna, who has a strong propensity to support, naturally has a lower portion of the American team than Carrie-type champions such as Apelios and Ezreal, while Jang Yong-joon, the “Ghost,” plays Sena, a 14.3 percent drop.

Senna, who feels a little out of the mainstream meta, is a pretty good fit for Damwon Gaming, especially for “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon. Supporters “Beryll” Cho Kun-hee, who has a very unique style of play at LCK, makes full use of her potential when she is with Senna. Supporters showing outstanding performances in the current LCK, “Keria” Ryu Min-seok of DRX, “Life” Kim Jung-min, “Eport” Lee Sang-ho and “Beryll” Cho Kun-hee are walking a little different path. 안전공원

“Berill” Cho Kun-hee was a bad supporter during the spring season. After Secret-Lehens, he had many average deaths, and did not display aggressive talent (Team Damage 7.9%). Even the irregular champions such as Mao Kai and Rumble did not have much effect. There were quite a few times when throwing at important moments, so the team as a whole was not stable.

However, as he entered Summer Season, “Beryll” Cho Kun-hee became the best supporter of LCK. He has become a player who can proudly use strange sentences that are ‘aggressive, but not dying.’ It is possible to play very aggressively from the beginning, and it maintains its speed until the end. Mid-line roaming is basic, top-line, and active play that goes all the way to the opponent’s jungle and creates a fight first. The only supporter to maintain an average of 2 kills, and only “Beryll” Cho Kun-hee in LCK is the player who does not miss out on visual control or careful game operating elements.

Will the other team’s supporters, like “Beryl” Cho Kun-hee, have players who can show off their offensive power by playing Pantheon, mispitching, poppina set, and Mao Kai, but will the team’s long-distance dealer play as naturally victimized as “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon? It’s not easy.

“Ghost” Jang Yong-joon is a player with his own distinct strengths, but he cannot be without anxiety. In particular, a set that flows from multi-faceted to a long-distance dealer’s caricature battle must come out. When it flows similarly in the upper body fight, or when all the core cards of the upper body are cut off, “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon also faces a time when he has to be at bat as the fourth batter. They are concerned about Jang Yong-joon’s ability to carry not only the wheeler, Teddy, and Deft, but also against world class long-distance dealers such as Jackie Love and Lokon.

But “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon has been growing remarkably overwhelming, with his days at the BBC Olivers just too bad. During his two-year career as a member of the BBC Olivers, he was a long-distance dealer at the bottom of the LCK, who remained in the second and early third points of the KDA, and took a leap forward in the sandbox (KDA 3.9) and blossomed in Damwon.

Although focusing on top and mid is the basic setting of Damwon Gaming, there have been many summer seasons in Gyeonggi Province with “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon at the forefront. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon is showing the world class distant dealer to make him think “it’s going to be worth it” even if he can’t say “win” to the world class long distance dealers. Three years ago, he was a player who seemed unlikely to win the LCK championship or advance to the World Championship, and it was impressive to see him writing a great drama. “Ghost” Jang Yong-joon may not be the center of the team, but he is at the center of the drama.

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