Celebrating the second day of surprise wedding


Celebrating the second day of surprise wedding announcement, skipping rumors of Kang So-ra’s romantic relationship.


Celebrations are pouring in for actor Kang So-ra, who made a surprise announcement on her wedding day.

Earlier on the 17th, Kang So-ra’s agency PlumA& announced, “Kang So-ra has come to fruition of marriage based on trust and love for each other and non-celebrity of her age.”

Kang So-ra and the bride-to-be were originally scheduled to hold their wedding ceremony on the 29th, but they decided to cancel the wedding as the Corona 19 situation worsened again and replace it with a simple seat with only immediate family members. The agency also said that since the bride-to-be and the families of both families are non-celebrities, other details will be held behind closed doors.

Before the agency announced its position in a press release, Kang So-ra also delivered the news in a handwritten letter to her fans. “I’m very worried and nervous about how to say hello, but first of all, I take courage to tell you the news in person,” Kang So-ra said, expressing gratitude to fans for their unwavering love for the past 11 years since her debut.

“I, Kang So-ra, who you think of as your own brother or friend, sister or sister, will get married at the end of August,” he said. “You must have been very surprised by the sudden news, but I’m glad to meet a good person who wants to be with you in the future.” Kang So-ra also pledged to continue her active career after marriage, promising to show various appearances as an actress.

It was natural that attention was drawn because it was a marriage that was announced immediately after skipping rumors of a romantic relationship. In addition, Kang So-ra, born in 1990, is 31 years old, and some speculated that she might be rushing to get married due to premarital pregnancy as she suddenly broke the news 10 days before her wedding. However, the agency dismissed the rumor, saying that premarital pregnancy is not true.

Kang So-ra joined the ranks of “out of stock” after 11 years of her debut. Fans’ expectations and attention are focused on what kind of moves he will show in the future after his marriage, ahead of the new second act of his life.

Kang made her debut in 2009 with the film “The Fourth Class Reasoning Zone” and has since risen to stardom through “Sunny,” and has been loved for appearing in various films such as “Paparotti,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Misaeng,” and “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho.”

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