Kim Bu-sun, a married man in a chaebol family


Kim Bu-sun, a married man in a chaebol family, gave birth to a daughter and was brutally abandoned, so she lived as a single mother. tearful confession of past history


Actress Kim Boo-sun looked back on her life.

Kim Boo-sun confessed her life as a single mother through a lengthy article on Facebook on the 17th. “Everyone has a dream,” said Kim Boo-sun, who started writing, “When I made my debut in the entertainment industry, my hometown senior advised me that if I want to live as an actress, I have to consider solitude as fate and share solitude.” In other words, don’t even dream of dating. Looking back, I got my senior advice wrong advice. In order to succeed as an actress, she should have experienced the world’s worst things, met this guy and that guy and tried various love, broke up and bumped into each other, and advised him that only when he experienced pain would he get a “jjin” acting. That was the case in those days. “I was lonely in my 20s when I was the purest and most talented person in my blood,” he wrote.

“I followed my senior advice and was terribly lonely,” he said. Then he met a man from a chaebol family, gave birth to a child, and was brutally abandoned. He was married. She became a single mother. Something unimaginable has become a reality. He was faithful to his instincts. He quickly degenerated from a leading actor to a minor actor. That’s okay. Thank you. Where is this? “I was a single mother who had to survive without starving her child,” he said. “When I heard about her pregnancy, her father did. ‘Don’t have children. I’m not responsible. I am not responsible for giving birth to a diver and ordering a sailor in Jeju Island. Don’t ask for any responsibility.It was like a bolt from the blue. The time I spent with him, the sweet whispers he told me, and the words he said to me, were lies to entice the new actress, who was not easy. The father of the child left me like that when he was two months pregnant. That’s how it ended,” he confessed.

Kim Bu-seon then said, “I hid and went down to my hometown ahead of my due date. My mother vomited and had diarrhea all day in shock, and my sister, who was the scariest and most beloved in the world, grabbed me and ran into a running truck, crying. “Let’s die together,” he said. “I betrayed my loved ones and gave them a smile with tears. On the 100th day, Miso’s father, who lost contact, sent me a congratulatory message to celebrate the 100th day of his baby back home after a year. I wanted to meet Miso’s dad. The old saying goes, “I can’t steal seeds,” but they look so alike. Like twins. We shook off the desperate dissuasion of our families and moved to Seoul when our smiles were four months old. The child was taken before my eyes. ‘My friends want to see my baby, so I’ll leave my baby with my grandmother for three days and go hunting with my friends. Let’s go together. You must have had a hard time, so let’s take a rest and talk.” I loved him and believed him, so I was grateful. I passed the baby on to him without any doubt and went on such a Chungmu trip,” he recalled.

Kim Bu-seon said, “One night passed and his party was hunting and by lunch time, they cooked, drank, laughed and chatted in the mountains. The father said, “Let’s talk alone,” and drove me deeper into the mountain in a jeep, and asked me to get off after a while. I smoked a cigarette and spoke with difficulty. Boo-sun, you’re a virgin and I’m a married man. I can’t get a divorce if I die. I have a wife and two sons. You can’t abandon them. I’m sorry. For this child’s happiness, for the baby’s future, forget about the baby. You make a fresh start. You’ll need money to get married and get along well. My mom gave me a lump sum. He said, “Let’s spend the money, spend the baby, and live like a virgin. Meet a good man and start a family.” I was devastated. Then for the first time, he shouted and stood up to the baby’s father like a bleeding beast. ‘What are you talking about? Aren’t you crazy? Give me the baby right now. I’m going down to my hometown right away. “Am I a bitch?” cried and shouted like a beast. He hit me in the face with a hunting rifle doghead without hesitation. I put the gun on my face, which fell flat and collapsed.

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