Oh Ji-eun and Kim Jong-un began life in Hong Kong


Oh Ji-eun and Kim Jong-un began life in Hong Kong. Interested in the daily life of luxury house desserts.


Oh Ji-eun said on her Instagram on the 14th, “This is Hongkong!!! It stopped raining all morning, so I’m taking a walk~! It started raining 2 or 3 days ago.Both Korea and Hong Kong announced that they came to Hong Kong with the message #Hong Kong Live #A woman who lives in two houses. Since then, Oh Ji-eun has started communicating with her fans by posting her daily life in Hong Kong through SNS. Asked by fans whether he went to Hong Kong, he said, “I think he will go back and forth,” and added that he will be active between Korea and Hong Kong.

Oh Ji-eun posted a picture of a house overlooking Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong’s representative attraction, saying, “It’s still not stuffy because the sea is surrounded.” He then posted his daily routine of jogging and eating desserts such as souffle pancakes, showing off his relaxed appearance.

Oh married a non-celebrity man four years older in 2017. Oh Ji-eun’s husband is known to be a Korean-American working at a foreign financial company. Attention is focusing on Oh Ji-eun’s daily life, who started living in Hong Kong after actress Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong Un also started living in Hong Kong with his husband. Kim Jong Un, who married a Korean-American husband for three years in 2016, stopped his entertainment career while living in Hong Kong. Kim Jong Un, who has been making public his recent news through SNS, traveled back and forth to South Korea to film the MBN drama “My Dangerous Wife,” which is scheduled to air in October.

Last month, Kim Jong Un’s husband said, “Staffs, please take good care of Kim Jong Un. – Husband in Hong Kong–” showed affection by sending a coffee truck to Kim Jong Un’s drama set. Kim Jong Un also said, “I’m lonely today and the green people look the same, so I’ve been watering the garden all day.” I miss you already, my love,” she left a message missing her husband, still boasting her honeymoon-like daily life.

On the other hand, the actor Oh Ji-eun is the 2003 film ‘a man of the theater omisun’, making his debut as a ‘Bad Family’, ‘discrete’ and ‘donghae.. laughs’ and ‘Three Brothers’ to Appear on the face.Let me know. He also starred in the MBC drama ‘Golden Garden’ last year.

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