T1’s got everything. Ten weeks ahead. The final parking League


T1’s got everything. Ten weeks ahead.


The final parking of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer Regular Season will be held. Although he played until the ninth week, he has yet to be confirmed as No. 1 player and No. 5 player to take the last train in the post season, making the post-season showdown uncertain.

The authority to set everything in the last ten weeks of parking is in the hands of T1. Since T1 will play against Damwon Gaming, who is competing for first place throughout the second round of Summer, and the DRX on the 23rd, the first and second place will be decided according to the results.

Damwon, which T1 will face on the 20th, is showing a huge pace. She has been pushing for an aggressive style throughout the summer, and has not lost a single round in the second round, continuing her eight-game winning streak. He also won 2-0 in the second round of the spring, held back T1 in the mid-season cup group league, and won 2-0 in the first round of the summer.

T1 was strong for DRX. In the spring regular season, they won 2-1 and 2-0 respectively, and in the post-season, they advanced to the finals and beat Gen.G. to win the championship. However, he lost the first round of Summer by a score.

If T1 wins both games, he can be reborn as the most feared figure in the post season. This is because T1 has rarely lost five games since the start of the LCK, and it has shown its potential by achieving an unprecedented wild card team’s upset in Summer in 2019.

Attention is also focusing on whether T1, which meets difficult opponents such as Damwon and DRX, will use “Closer” Lee Ju-hyun as a mid-liner. T1, which has achieved five consecutive matches and 10 consecutive sets since Lee Ju-hyun’s appointment, was evaluated as having won easily because Lee Ju-hyun’s opponent was in the middle and lower ranks. Depending on what results Lee Ju-hyun produces against Damwon and DRX, the mid-liner to play in the post season may be confirmed.

Afreeca-Kt showdown for fifth place

With one team advancing to the post season yet to be overshadowed, the African Freaks and KT Rollster, who are competing, will also face off on Tuesday.

There is little chance that Africa will fall, as Africa has nine wins and seven wins and nine losses, but if KT wins 2-0 in a showdown on Tuesday, the psychological situation of the two teams is likely to change. Africa, which had been in the top five all summer, can feel pressure, and KT, which is emptying its mind, can set the stage for the rest of the game.

After a showdown on Tuesday, Africa and KT will face Gen.G eSports and Damwon Gaming on Tuesday, respectively. Even if KT catches Africa, if it loses to Damwon in the match, Africa will take a post-season ticket as the fifth-ranked player.

Are you sure you’re No.1 on “Viddy” and “POG”?

In the last nine weeks, Gen.G. eSports’s mid-liner “Viddy” Kwak Bo-sung was selected twice for the Player of the Game, hitting 1,300 points, giving him an edge in the POG competition.

Since top liner “Kanna” Kim Chang-dong of T1, who is tied for second, and mid-liner “Showmaker” Heo Su of Damwon are recording 1,000 points, if they sweep POG points in the remaining games, they can also turn it around at the last minute. Kwak Bo-sung, who has only 100 points left in the match against the Afreeca Freecs, will tie for first place at least if he will secure at least 100 points.

Kwak Bo-sung, who earned the most POG points in the spring regular season, has two.

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