Riot Korea “will follow the health authority guidelines

Riot Korea “will follow the health authority guidelines when upgrading social distance level 3.”

While the government has even mentioned the third stage of social distance regarding the re-proliferation of Corona 19, Riot Games Korea, which operates LCK, said it will follow the health authorities’ guideline in case of stage escalation.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun issued a public statement on the rapidly spreading situation of Corona 19. The public conference touched on the third phase of social distancing, along with suspending the operation of high-risk facilities such as clubs and PC rooms in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and Incheon. If we fail to regain control of the quarantine network now, we will have no choice but to consider upgrading the third level of social distance, which will have a huge impact on the nation’s economy and people’s livelihoods, he said.

As a second-phase measure of social distance in the Seoul metropolitan area, professional sports will return to zero-tolerance. As the ongoing League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) is already playing indifferently, there will not be much change in the actual league operation.

However, if social distinctions are upgraded to level 3, the situation will likely change. In the third stage of social distance, professional sports itself will be suspended. Riot Games Korea said in response, “We plan to move according to the guidelines of health authorities if we are upgraded to the third stage of social distance.”

In this case, the LCK is expected to be carried out in an online competition in which a small number of referees are sent to the team practice room, as in the second half of the spring split. Due to the nature of e-sports, games and relaying are possible without having to gather at the site. If the situation is not favorable, it is expected to be played online until the final. However, as the departure schedule for the Rolled Cup is already scheduled, if the condition is not serious, there will be no league suspension.

The third stage of social distance keeping in the aftermath of Corona 19 takes effect when the number of new confirmed cases more than 100 daily, new confirmed cases more than doubled more than once a week, and patients and collective infections with uncertain infection routes are rapidly increased.

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