Kim Ho-jung’s habitual illegal gambling situation


Kim Ho-jung’s habitual illegal gambling situation even during Mr. Trot.


While singer Kim Ho-jung, 30, admitted that he had illegally vomited, circumstantial evidence emerged that he had continued to engage in various kinds of illegal gambling, as well as illegal sports Toto, until recently.

According to Kim Ho-joong’s agency ‘Entertainment Showing Thoughts’, Kim admitted, “I bet 30,000 won to 50,000 won on the recommendation of my former manager and acquaintance to do illegal sports Toto,” adding, “I will never do this now and will never do this in the future.”We have expressed our position.

Although Kim Ho-joong said it was illegal gambling through small sums of money, the scale, duration and method of illegal gambling actually seemed to have been more sustained and extensive.

According to SNS and text messages recently obtained by SBS funE reporters from three acquaintances of Kim Ho-joong, Kim Ho-joong habitually gambled over two years from July 2018 to February this year, including illegal Toto betting on sports games such as soccer, basketball and baseball, as well as high dividends such as blackjack, baccarat, and rockets.

To sum up the situation so far, Kim Ho-joong has used more than four illegal gambling sites over the past two years. Many have been identified as illegal sites that are still accessible.

According to testimony from his acquaintances, Kim Ho-joong is believed to have borrowed up to 30,000 won at least and 500,000 won at a time from three of his acquaintances five to six times a month since 2018. He was also found to have been betting under borrowed names using illegal gambling sites under the names of his acquaintances, not under his own name, since around 2018.

Around October 2018, Kim Ho-jung asked for a password along with the address of an illegal gambling site on KakaoTalk sent to A and accessed through the password given by A. In addition, as illegal gambling sites were classified as illegal and harmful sites, they appeared to ask their acquaintances for new site addresses again.

Kim Ho-joong’s habitual illegal gambling continued until recently, and it is confirmed that it continued from November 18 last year to February this year when the preliminary round of TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot” began. At the time, Kim Ho-jung appeared to demand several times from his three acquaintances, including the so-called “exchange” by depositing money on illegal gambling sites through Kakao Talk messages and turning it into cyber money.

In particular, around November 27 last year, when he said he was hospitalized due to deteriorating health due to stress from the “Mr. Trot” preliminary contest, Kim Ho-jung said in a Kakao Talk message to his acquaintance, “I won 300,000 won for illegal gambling such as blackjack, so I will exchange it.”

Some argue that Kim Ho-joong has consistently engaged in illegal sports gambling since around 2013, so the actual size and duration of Kim Ho-joong’s illegal gambling cannot be ruled out as habitual and widespread.

Under Article 246 of the Criminal Law, a person who gambles may be fined up to 10 million won, and in the case of habitual illegal gambling, he or she may be sentenced to up to three years in prison or up to 20 million won in fines.

Entertainment, which shows the thoughts of Kim Ho-joong’s agency, received a questionnaire sent by SBS funE reporters in the form of an official document about illegal gambling at around 9 a.m. on the 18th, but did not answer it. Instead, he said in an interview with another media outlet on the same evening that he acknowledged Kim Ho-joong’s past small gambling.

Kim Ho-jung also posted on the fan cafe, saying, “For any reason, I admit my mistake and bow my head to apologize sincerely for what I did.”I sincerely apologize for hurting everyone who supports me. We will admit our mistakes ourselves and will not repeat the same mistakes in the future,” he said.

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