The will for the LOL World Cup that’s lit again

The will for the LOL World Cup that’s lit again! What’s the big deal about LGD in the summer?

With the LPL Summer Playoff (PO) in full swing, LGD is showing an unrivaled move among several teams dreaming of Summer’s rebellion against the Rolled Cup. WE, who owns a long-distance dealer who won the most MVP awards and even the Rookie of the Year award, beat out the sluggishness of the Rolled Cup winner and IG, which has been ranked third in the Summer Split, with overwhelming scores of 3:1, 3:0, respectively, putting their names on the semi-finals.

There are many interesting things about LGD’s moves. The team that finished 15th out of 17 teams in the spring raised its ranking to sixth in the Summer Split. Nevertheless, none of them were named to the LPL Summer’s 1st-2nd-3rd team. He did not seem to have received much attention even though he entered the PO without making a clear impression in the regular split. However, as he strengthened the internal stability of team play in PO, he won a spot in the semifinals. At the same time, there are advantages of team members that have not been revealed well.

As such, LGD is determined to make another leap forward by forming a team with experience in the Rolled Cup. They haven’t had any clear results in nearly two years, but they have regrouped to head back to the Rolled Cup. From Han Wang-ho and Ha Jong-hoon, who were active in LCK, to Xiye, the mid-liner who reached the semifinals of the 2017 Rolled Cup at WE, and LangX, the top liner of RNG last year. Those with experience in the Rolled Cup and a supporter named Mark-Killua joined to complete the current lineup. Although Top-mid-Supporter has newly joined the team since this summer, LGD is creating an unexpected revolt due to its team members’ skill and extraordinary combination.

“Peanut” has played for LGD since spring this year. At that time, even though the team did not perform well in the 15th place, it managed alone and was named to the 3rd team. Although the first LPL challenge ended sadly, the skills of “Peanut” also began to shine as Summer joined the new team. Along with its key role in keeping LGD at the center of the game.

LGD is not strong from the start of line-up. Instead, “Peanut” solved this step well, allowing LGD to create the desired structure. In the PO WE match, “Peanut” made an aggressive move to enter the opponent’s jungle with Graves-Kindred and reap the benefits. IG mainly uses calistars for bots, and when it gives strength to the line-up, I thought it would try to gank the bots first with Nidali to bring about the flow. It was “Peanut” that pointed out what the core of each game was. It used to speed up unexpectedly as it did not lose ground against IG, which is centered on engagement.

Meta’s flow is also smiling at ‘Peanut.’ That’s because Graves-Kindred-Nidali, a growing jungler, is emerging instead of the line intervention-oriented Lee Shin-Truns, which TES “Casa” was famous for handling well. The champion metaro “Peanut” peaked at the 2016 spring regular split. When he was with the Rocks Tigers, he put his team on the top spot in the regular split with 34 wins and seven losses and seven losses. At that time, “Peanut” had a remarkable performance with Nidali-Kindred-Graves, as follows. With the return of the Jungleer Meta, which is similar to the corresponding period, “Peanut” seems to be wearing clothes that fit her.

2016 LCK Spring Regular Split Locks Tigers ‘Peanut’ record

Spring Split Total 34 wins, 7 losses, 82.9%.
a seven-game sweep of Nidali
Kindred 10 wins and 2 losses
Graves three wins and one loss.

2020 LPL Summer Regular Split LGD ‘Peanut’ Record

Trundle 2 wins 5 losses KDA 3.6
Lee Shin 3 wins 4 losses KDA 2.3

KDA 11.8 / PO Kindred 3 wins 1 loss KDA 5
Graves 6 wins 3 losses KDA 6 / PO Graves 2 wins KDA 23
Nidali 4 wins and 2 losses KDA 3.3 / PO Nidali 2 wins KDA 25 (0 des)

The play was also neat. He managed Graves’ operations in both PO games, which did not perform well in other leagues. It was impressive to see whether he had mastered the LPL’s unique style of play and that “Peanut” entered the opponent’s jungle and engaged in a daring battle. LGD team members also designed a line-to-combination structure to match the play of “Peanut,” and “Peanut” also grew well and repaid with the Graves of PO KDA 23. He is playing the role of a growing jungler with his immaculate physical experience.

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