Cho Soo-ae, Park Seo-won, what the hell happened


Cho Soo-ae, Park Seo-won, what the hell happened to these couples? Delete SNS unpal, delete all traces after marriage.


Cho Soo-ae (28) and Park Seo-won (41), former announcer and CEO of Doosan Magazine, are drawing attention as abnormalities such as unfollow each other or deleting photos they took together after two years of marriage.

CEO Park Seo-won and announcer Cho Soo-ae made headlines by posting photos taken together, but attention is being paid to the fact that all photos related to the two have been deleted and their Instagram accounts have been unfollowed on the 27th.

From wedding photos to daily life to children’s photos, there is no trace of them.

On July 22 last year, Park Seo-won, CEO of Doosan Magazine, posted a picture of her going out with the former announcer Cho holding her child on her Instagram, which showed Park making a gesture of kissing the baby face-to-face and showing her loving father.

Park and Cho met for the first time at the baseball stadium.

On December 3, 2018, Hwang Young-jin, who is close to former announcer Cho, said in a broadcast, “I heard that we first met at a baseball stadium. Announcer Cho Soo-ae visited the baseball stadium for the broadcast, and Park Seo-won visited her father’s company baseball team, and she usually asked me for love advice.”

Later, Park and Cho married at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on December 8, 2018.

The sudden news of their marriage suggested that they were speeding, but the two did not express their position at the time. In June last year, Cho gave birth to a son, and the exact date of birth is unknown.

In October last year, Cho Soo-ae personally captured and posted malicious comments on a portal site on Instagram and wrote, “I don’t want to see the comments.” Most of them were malicious content related to the marriage of Cho Soo-ae and Park Seo-won.

As a result, some people feel burdened by the release of their private lives and say that they deleted the photos from SNS.

CEO Park Seo-won is the eldest son of Doosan Infracore Chairman Park Yong-man, who served as vice president of Oricom, an affiliate of Doosan, and is the executive vice president of Doosan Group and CEO of Doosan Magazine.

Former announcer Cho Soo-ae graduated from the French and French Department of Hongik University and joined JTBC in 2016 breaking through the 1800:1 competition rule, and later appeared in JTBC NEWS Morning and Today, Good Day, before leaving JTBC in November 2018 with news of her marriage to CEO Park.

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