In fact, the three-stage administrative order for Gwangju

In fact, the three-stage administrative order for Gwangju to be placed on the street is prohibited from gathering religious and multi-faceted facilities.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus infections (Corona 19) soared recently, the Gwangju Metropolitan Government issued an administrative order on the 27th that is virtually equivalent to the third phase of social distance.

Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup held a press conference earlier in the day and said, “The Gwangju Korona 19 Public-Private Joint Countermeasure Committee has decided to take measures, including the expansion of the collective ban, which is virtually equivalent to the third stage, while maintaining the second stage of social distance.”

The city has issued an administrative order banning gatherings at all churches and other religious facilities in Gwangju. Non-face-to-face online religious activities are allowed, and any other meetings and activities are prohibited.

It has also banned various indoor sports facilities, including a gymnasium run by a university, as well as indoor sports activities such as sports clubs.

Multi-use facilities have been upgraded from collective ‘restriction’ to ‘no’. Facilities that are banned from gathering include amusement parks, game arcades, amusement parks, performance halls, multi-rooms, DVD rooms, bicycle, racecourse, soccer field, youth training facilities, and bathhouses. Schools with less than 300 students, kids cafes and sample houses, which are under the restriction of gathering, have banned groups of more than 10 people.

The period of application of the executive order is at noon today.

The site will be open until noon on the 10th of next month.

The city has decided to actively review the third-phase upgrade after seeing the spread of infections in the region. Mayor Lee said, “This administrative order is an inevitable measure to prevent the spread of infections in the community while guaranteeing at least economic and social activities of citizens,” adding, “We will keep a close eye on the spread of infections in the region from the 2nd to the 3rd and actively review the third phase if the situation worsens.”

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