I’m proud of her nickname, Ma Dong-seok. active member


I’m proud of her nickname, Ma Dong-seok.


He jumped in cool. “I said I’d just let him play (when I got the offer).” swimmer Chung Yoo-in (26, belonging to the Gyeongbuk Provincial Government) is known as ‘a sister who has played a little’ among the cast of cable TV channel E. Park Se-ri and Kwak Min-jung, who have never played in their entire lives because they were only exercising, praised Chung as a senior player in play just by riding a wakeboard. He is good at everything he does in the water, including surfing and diving, as well as swimming, and is emerging as an entertainment blue chip through “Playful Sister.” Director Bang Hyun-young (CP) of “Playful Sister” said, “In entertainment, it’s important to take the initiative in solving the situation you face, and Jung has good agility and a sense of entertainment.”

Jung Yu-in is the only active member of the “Playful Sister” cast. She is also a proper “player sister” who sincerely protects five-day training and two-day play. “You have to have good physical strength to play well, and you have to play well to exercise well.”

Thanks to this, he is becoming an icon of the millennial generation who aims for a similar life. His SNS channels, including Instagram and YouTube, are bombarded with messages from fans. The best of them was, “I started working out after seeing you. “I want to be a great person who has strong muscles.” Chung says. “When you exercise, your body changes, your lifestyle changes, your life changes. I’m proud to have had such a good influence.”

On the 24th, I asked an oiler I met at a cafe how to be a healthy and playful sister.

He seems to be relaxed in doing something new, such as appearing on unfamiliar TV shows and playing games for the first time in his life.

“I enjoy the moment. He also needs to be competitive, but he should be able to find the given situation interesting. I like to move my body, so I tend to play with other physical activities besides swimming. I can’t do other sports in earnest because of the risk of injury, but I go surfing or wakeboarding every weekend. I think a variety of experiences help us play well).”

– Wouldn’t exercising other than swimming interfere with your main job?

“You have to play well to get a good record. I suggest to the coach sometimes. “If I get a good record, please let me go surfing.” I need to move my body to recharge rather than stay still when I rest.”

– Playing well to do other things will apply not only to athletes but also to everyone living their daily lives. If I want to play well and use my body like that, I think it will be difficult with physical strength. I’m curious about daily exercise know-how to build a strong body.

“I recommend you to ride an indoor bike. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to move around an hour a day while watching TV, but there are more changes in the body than you think. Take your time from the low intensity. I ride for about 3 hours while watching a movie. Bicycling is a good exercise to burn your body fat without muscle loss. The endurance of the legs also improves. For exercise without equipment, I recommend bare body swab. Try to do at least 50 a day by increasing the number every day.”

Perhaps due to his good performance in “work-life balance,” where he plays as much as he can and exercises hard, he also boasts excellent skills as a swimmer. At the age of five, he went swimming with his older brother and an infant sports team and won 20 national sports gold medals so far, starting with the 400-meter relay gold medal at the 2010 National Sports Festival when he was 17. He is the new Korean record holder in the 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle relay.

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