LCK Franchise Review Practically Finished Second


LCK Franchise Review Practically Finished Second Results Deliver to Team on 28th


The review of the LCK franchise, which will be introduced next year, is nearing its end.

A total of 21 companies received LCK franchise applications. Through the first written screening, 20 companies, excluding one, passed the first written screening without difficulty. The second full-fledged review took place for about a month from the end of July.

The second face-to-face screening consisted of a total of three in-depth interviews, and experts were reportedly scrutinized in various areas, including the marketing and operation of the game team, future planning, business and management, starting with the owner interview, about a week to 10 days apart.

Riot is scheduled to notify the teams of the results of the second round of the screening on Friday. In fact, what teams can do in the absence of additional screening has been completed. The LCK franchise is likely to consist of 10 teams, the same as the current LCK, with half of the 20 teams being passed, some being preliminary and the rest being eliminated.

However, passing the second screening does not mean joining the final LCK franchise. Unless there is a major upset, all of the teams that pass the second round of screening are expected to join the LCK franchise without difficulty, but by the end of September, Riot and the teams have a period of coordinating league contracts for the franchised LCK.

If the team gives up the LCK franchise in the process or changes due to special circumstances, the team will be the next best among the preliminary teams to pass.

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