T1, proving LCK Summer box office check eSports


T1, proving LCK Summer box office check


Summer audience wins all five top-five games…eSports Chart Release

T1 proved to be the best team among the 10 professional game teams that participated in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer.

The e-sports chart, which examines and analyzes the patterns of viewers who enjoy e-sports online, announced five matchups that attracted many viewers at the LCK 2020 Summer.

The most crowded match-up is the LCK Summer 2020 post-season wild card match between T1 and the Afreeca Freecs on August 26. The T1 was eliminated in the match after a 1-2 loss to the Afreeca Freecs, but this season’s single game had the largest number of simultaneous connections of 820,000 people.

The second most popular matchup was the showdown between DRX and T1 on June 17. The match, which took place on the opening day of the summer season, drew keen attention as the spring champion T1 played his first summer match and his opponent was the DRX, drawing 670,000 people in a moment.

Since then, T1 and DRX’s second round showdown, T1 and Damwon Gaming’s 10th week match, and T1’s first round defeat to Dynamics have recorded many simultaneous connections.

As T1 was included in all of the top five LCK summer games, T1 also topped the list in terms of viewing time and average number of viewers for each team. Around the world, the T1 watched 17.54 million hours, ranking first among 10 LCK teams, followed by 15.7 million hours of DRX and 12.86 million hours of Gen.G eSports. The average number of viewers was 335,000 for T1, 268,000 for DRX, and 229,000 for Gen.G.

Twitch was the platform that consumed the most LCK 2020 Summer content sent to various platforms, and an average of 310,000 people watched LCK Summer through Twitch. There were 590,000 viewers in Korean and 190,000 viewers in English, 59 million viewers in total, and 210,000 viewers on average.

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