YouTubers. People think you’re stupid. You’re buying 500 million


450,000 YouTubers. People think you’re stupid. You’re buying 500 million won in three years.


YouTuber Deok-ja said she is worried about being ignored by people.

In KBS Joy’s “Ask Anything,” which aired on August 31, YouTuber Deok-ja starred as the main character of the story.

I’m Park Bo-mi who lives in Cheonan. I’m working as a ‘dukja’ on an Internet broadcast,” he said. Deok-ja is a YouTuber with 450,000 subscribers.

“My pronunciation is bad because I have short tongue,” Deok-ja said. “I’ve done surgery, but my tongue is basically short. My pronunciation is so bad that people think I’m stupid. That’s why it’s hard to live.”

Deok-ja said, “When I went to work, I looked dumb because of my pronunciation, so I couldn’t answer the phone. I was bullied for being stupid. “I had gimbap alone in the bathroom,” he said. “I quit my job and had a trauma, so I couldn’t get a job. I drank alone every day at home, and I was so lonely. I needed a drinking buddy. So I started the internet broadcast to find a drinking friend. At first, I saw one person, and as one person became two and two people became three, I started YouTube,” he said.

Deok-ja, who is in her third year of personal broadcasting this year, answered, “About 500 million?” when asked about her income, but she has been swindled of all the money she has earned so far. Deok-ja said, “Fraud is always being done,” and added, “When I talked about poor things, they gave me everything. I can’t refuse, and I don’t know I’m being cheated. Deok-ja expressed her concern that she might have made them bad because everyone around her took money.

In response, Seo Jang-hoon said, “I think Deok-ja is too nice and she seems to be being swindled because she listens to all the people,” and told him to train him to refuse. “The courage to refuse is also very important,” he added.

However, Deok-ja said, “I don’t care about losing money,” adding, “I don’t care about being swindled.” Deok-ja’s worry is being ignored by people because of her pronunciation. Then Lee Soo-keun and Seo Jang-hoon said, “No. That’s what worries me more,” he said with a smile.

Contrary to people’s foolish misconception, Deok-ja’s actual IQ was high at 128. Seo Jang-hoon pointed out, “There is no reason to look easy, but they seem to misunderstand that I am stupid after watching YouTube broadcasts or hearing Deok-ja’s story.” “That’s why people seem to feel more sorry for me,” Deok-ja said. To avoid being ignored, I’m uploading urban female concept videos these days. I want to change my poor image,” he added.

Seo said, “There are so many people who have bad pronunciation besides virtue. I think it’ll be different even if we change the tone a little bit. Because it’s a boy’s tone about 10 years old. That’s why people seem to see it a little more easy. “If you take out a little bit of sunshine, you might not think it’s that easy,” the solution said.

Deok-ja was polite to Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Soo-geun until the end, giving them walnut cookies. Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Soo-geun, as well as viewers, cheered for his future.

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