Corona, a baseball player, is not a sinner.Shin Jung Rak


Corona, a baseball player, is not a sinner. Shin Jung Rak


The most difficult person is the player himself who is caught in Corona 19. You’re being treated like a complete sinner.”

Professional baseball confirmed number one. 11 years veteran pitcher Shin Jung-rak became a “sinner” overnight.

Shin has been famous for throwing sliders close to “horseball” since his debut season, but on the other hand, he is an unlucky pitcher who has suffered frequent injuries. Baseball officials say Shin Jung-rak is a player who only knows baseball.

Even if he looked at his four to five days of moves before the Corona 19 was confirmed on the 31st of last month, Shin was only devoted to going back and forth between the 2nd Army training camp in Seosan, a restaurant and his home in Daejeon. The means of transportation was his own vehicle, not public transportation. The quarantine authorities have not found a noticeable infection route on Shin’s route. This is a case of so-called “blind infection.”

Above all, the disclosure of the identity of Shin Jeong-rak, the “corona confirmed” is a problem in itself. Corona discharge inevitably involves the release of the verifier’s movements. There is a risk of personal exposure just by revealing the movement line. But the reason why the majority of citizens who have been confirmed are actively cooperating is to prevent further infections.

Therefore, the quarantine authorities shall clearly disclose the movements of the confirmed persons, but shall not disclose their identities. This is a necessary measure not only for basic human rights protection but also for systematic Corona quarantine.

However, Shin Jung-rak was not protected. When Shin Jung-rak and the KBO revealed the existence of a second confirmed person who was staying with him the next day, his identity was revealed to the public. As Doosan Bears manager Kim Tae-hyung said, Shin Jung-rak became a “sinner” overnight. However, it is unfair for Shin to be criticized as if he were a player calling for the KBO league’s misfortune. At this moment, none other than Shin Jung-rak himself is the most difficult person.

Before Shin was confirmed, the fact that he participated in a small outdoor meal with his teammates was revealed and criticized. It was a get-together organized by the coaching staff to encourage the players of the Yook Sung-gun. There is no reason for the arrow of criticism to be concentrated on Shin Jung-rak. You can’t eat with a mask on.

The Hanwha Eagles suffered a serious blow to their season management as a confirmed player came out. The KBO’s Futures League schedule has been suspended, and as many as 52 players related to Hanwha’s second-tier league alone are in a position of self-price. Even if a negative test is made right now, there is a possibility that it will be confirmed in the future.

Even though he did his best in accordance with the Korona response manual, it is not the player’s fault that he was infected. On the contrary, if the identity of the confirmed person is disclosed in just a few hours, there could be people hesitating to conduct the Corona 19 test in the future.

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