I bought a car for a secret relationship. As Ras Lee Hye-sung said


I bought a car for a secret relationship. As Ras Lee Hye-sung said, the rumor of Jeon Hyun-moo getting married and plastic surgery.


Lee Hye-sung spoke coolly about his relationship with Jeon Hyun-moo.

MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star,” which aired on the 2nd, featured Choi Yeo-jin, Son Yeon-jae, Lee Hye-sung and Yoo Sang-moo as a special feature of “Here Again.” In particular, Lee Hye-sung, who has overcome the age gap of 15 and is in a public relationship with broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo, drew attention by honestly telling the story of his relationship and marriage.

Lee Hye-sung, who suddenly made a pre-declaration in May, said, “I joined KBS four years ago, but the media environment changed, and the program I was in charge of was abolished or the MC changed. I thought it was an ambiguous position.”Entertainment Weekly” has been abolished, sports broadcasts have changed MCs, and children’s programs have been handed over to younger juniors,” he said honestly about the reason for the pre-declaration.

Not only did he worry about his family again, but he also dissuaded Jeon Hyun-moo, a senior and lover of the Free Declaration,” drawing attention. This was because jobs were not guaranteed after the pre-declaration. Lee Hye-sung said, “I was worried that the Free Declaration was not as easy as I thought, but I supported my words that I wanted to challenge them.”

Lee Hye-sung said, “My lover Jeon Hyun-moo is a one-time lecturer in entertainment programs,” and laughed, “When I say I’m going on entertainment shows, he gives me a lot of advice.” “I was so nervous today that I even got a sap. I suddenly woke up at dawn and got an injection because I felt nauseous,” he confessed.

He also recalled when rumors of his romantic relationship with Jeon were first reported. Lee Hye-sung, the MC of “Entertainment Weekly” at the time, said, “As an MC, I had to speak directly. Many people inside KBS seemed to have noticed it already, and the reporters kept getting the information.

He added, “He even bought a new car that was not exposed to the air because of his own intelligence operations. But I was surprised because I bought a red SUV. It was obviously a celebrity car. Soon, there was a rumor about a red car and a few days later, you came here after wrapping it in black.

He dismissed rumors that he is about to marry Jeon and is taking bridal classes for him. “I like cooking and bread, so when I post pictures of food on Instagram, he is the first to post hearts. Then, I found an article about a bridal class,” he explained.

Lee Hye-sung also said, “After the release of the relationship, I had a lot of bad eyes, and I was deeply hurt by the bad comments about misunderstanding.” As for the most upsetting evil play, he said, “He’s the Faster.” Although my pride was hurt, it is true that I was well known for my love with him, so I think it is a matter for time to solve. Someday, I will talk more about myself.

He also explained the rumors about plastic surgery that had been leaked due to past photos released on the Internet. When the photo was released, he said, “It’s a picture that I’m suffering forever.” Many people thought it was before I joined the announcer. This is a picture after I joined the company,” he said. “When my seniors came in as juniors, they bought me meals, so I gained weight,” he said, adding that he gained 10 kilograms after passing the announcer program. Lee Hye-sung said, “I was suspected of having plastic surgery, so I found a picture of my test identification card and released it when I was in But he didn’t say much about it.

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