Late menstruation after a relationship, 10 days later


Late menstruation after a relationship, 10 days later, Imtegi shows that she’s not pregnant. Why?


Q: I’m a middle school girl in my second year of middle school. I’m worried about late menstruation after the relationship. I have a boyfriend whom I have been dating since I was in elementary school. He came over to my house two weeks ago over the weekend. After eating with my parents, we went into my room and kissed quietly and ended up having a relationship. In case the sound was too loud, my boyfriend blocked my mouth and gave me a no-con vaginal assessment.

I was so nervous that on the 10th day after the relationship, I bought an early Imtegi and tested it, and the result was negative. Then I have to get my period last Friday, but I haven’t heard about my menstrual period yet. I keep getting white cold, stomachache, no appetite, and diarrhea due to indigestion. I don’t think she’s pregnant.

A: If the vaginalysis is performed without condoms, the Cooper fluid alone is likely to be pregnant. From now on, it is recommended that you wear a condom or take contraceptives consistently.

Symptoms such as stomachache and indigestion can be caused by stress. There is a possibility that the menstruation may have been delayed because of that.

Early Imtegi is hard to trust. First, re-examine it with a pregnancy test machine. It’s simple to use. The test period is two weeks after the last relationship date, and the first urine test in the morning can confirm pregnancy.

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