Bleeding during bowel movements Do you have any symptoms


Bleeding during bowel movements. Do you have any symptoms of toothache?


Q: A woman in her late teens. If you wipe it with tissue after seeing if you have symptoms of an anal tear, blood will always come out. Perhaps due to eating habits, the size of the poop is as long and thick as a worm. Do you think my anus size is small? You don’t have any other diseases, do you?

A: It is unlikely that another disease is the cause. It looks like you’ve developed symptoms of teeth. This is a condition in which the anus is torn when defecating. Depending on the patient’s condition, medication or surgery can be performed if severe.

I’m still young, so I’m going to treat it in a way other than surgery. You don’t have to worry too much. For accurate diagnosis and treatment, please visit the nearest colorectal anal specialist hospital for treatment.

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