Who is Han So-hee?


Who is Han So-hee?


real name is Lee So-hee

Born November 18, 1994 Ulsan Metropolitan City

Ulsan Girls’ High School with Education

body 165 cm

religious apostolicism

SHINee Tell Me What To Do MV 2016

agency Nine Ato Entertainment

He is an actor and model in Korea.

It debuted on November 15, 2016 with SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” music video. Later, when I went to CF CJ there, I filmed a REITs cracker commercial.

SK Telecom appeared in Gear S3 CF in 2017. She appeared in Jung Yong-hwa’s “Girls’ Girl” music video.

Also, I made my drama debut by playing the role of Lee Seowon who met SBS drama again.

And he made his debut as the main character in the MBC drama Donkkot as Yoon Seowon.

She starred as Cesavin Kim So-hye in the TVN drama “100 Days My Prince” in 2018.

She starred as Sujin in KBS2 drama “Okranmyunok” in 2018.

He appeared in the TVN drama “Abyss” in 2019.

He appeared in MBN Sea as his first entertainment show in 2019.

In 2019, he was selected as the model for the Brain Ming Dynasty.

In March 2020, he will play the role of Yeo Da-kyung in the world of JTBC drama couples.

Prime Minister

Model of the Year Award at the 2017 K-Model Awards for CF

a woman’s story

Han So-hee, Ryu Jin, Kim Ji-eun

Park Ki-ryang

It resembles Ryujin of girl group ITZY and actress Kim Ji-eun. From a different angle, cheerleader Park Ki-ryang is similar.

Your skin is really white.

Before my debut, I used the ID Junk as my blog on Naver.

Accidental accident

Photos taken with tattoos and cigarettes in the past became controversial.

featured works


World’s Lee Seo-won’s Supporting Actress who met SBS again in 2017

Starring Yoon Seo-won of MBC in 2017

Supporting role of Kim So-hye, 100 Days My Prince of tvN in 2018

Oh Soo-jin from KBS2’s Okranmyunok

2019 tvN Abyss Jang Hee-jin

Starring World Yeo Da-kyung, a couple of JTBC in 2020

Music video

2016 SHINee Tell Me What To Do Debut

2017 Jeong Yong-hwa Women’s Girl

Roy Kim, 2018. Let’s stop.

2019 Melomance Greetings


2019 MBN Sea Is Hearing.


If you go there in 2016 CJ,

2016 East-West Food Ritz Cracker Food

2017 SK Telecom Gear S3 Electronics Co., Ltd.

2018 East-West Food Ritz Cracker Food

2018 Langbang Modern Princess Ossenshual perfume

2018 Lenstown Lens

2018 Missens F/W Clothing Clothing

2018 Vanilla Co Cosmetics Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

2019 Miscence S/S Clothing Clothing

2019 Vanilla Co Cosmetics Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

2019 Fols-Boutique Bag

2019 Chong Kun Dang Health All At Me Inner Beauty

2019 4399 Brainstorm Mobile Game

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