I don’t have menstruation because it’s two days past my period


I don’t have menstruation because it’s two days past my period.


She’s in her early 20s. About 15 days ago, I spent a night at my boyfriend’s house. After massaging each other, we took a bath and kissed and got involved. There was no condom, so I had a no-cone vaginal exam. (I masturbated with my hand, and my boyfriend put it on my face.)

It’s been two days since my menstruation date, but I haven’t heard from you yet. Is there a possibility of pregnancy?

Obstetrics and gynecology is not recommended because the pregnancy probability is low, but extracurricular assessment is not 100% safe. Very rarely, but it’s possible to conceive with the Cooper fluid.

The menstruation may be delayed due to irregular lifestyle, stress, and fatigue. Keep an eye on it.

The chances of pregnancy are slim, so you can rest assured. If you are really worried, please purchase a pregnancy test machine at a pharmacy or convenience store and check it out.

The pregnancy test period is two weeks after the last relationship date. The first urine test in the morning can check if you’s first urine in the morning.

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