foot athlete’s foot, toe itch (foot itch) She’s in her mid-20s


foot athlete’s foot, toe itch (foot itch)


Q: She’s in her mid-20s. It’s been almost 2 months since I went to the dermatologist for foot athlete’s foot. I have been prescribed an econazolecule (itraconazole polymer), a jublia solution (epinaconazole), and a hypozol cream (clotrimazole, hydrocortisone).

The symptoms are better than before, but I still have itchy toes and itchy feet. But I still have to go to the dermatologist, right? When can I get better?

A: If foot athlete’s foot treatment has not improved your itchiness and itching of your toes, you should go to the dermatologist for an athlete’s foot test. It’s important to visit the hospital and get treatment.

If eczema is the cause, apply steroid ointment and it will be fine.

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