Ali’s leaving because he wants to be in the national team,


Ali’s leaving because he wants to be in the national team, so he’s leaving in January.


Ali has not been able to adapt at all to the topical Mourinho system. Ali, who scored double-digit goals in the first three seasons of his transfer to Tottenham, has lost his performance over the past three seasons. His presence also declined as the number of goals scored decreased.

As soon as he started the second half of the opening match against Everton, he was replaced and only played in one game. He had a chance to start in the Europa League, but only came back with harsh criticism. Ali has scored only one goal out of six games this season.

Local media are predicting that Ali will leave Tottenham in the next transfer market, judging that his performance has been poor. There have been reports that Paris Saint-Germain is seeking to lease.

In the midst of this, Ali posted a photo of training on his social media, leaving a message saying, “I don’t make excuses but develop.” He showed his willingness to settle for Tottenham.

However, David Onstein, a reporter for The Athletic, said on the 18th that Ali is likely to leave the team.

“Paris Saint-Germain likes Ali,” he said. “He can move in January because it doesn’t fit Mourinho’s plan.”

“There has been no confusion or difficulty in the meantime. It just doesn’t seem to fit under Mourinho’s system, so Ali is expected to move in January. We can leave in any way, whether it’s a lease or a permanent transfer,” he added.

The reason why Ali is leaving can be seen as his willingness to increase his position in the national team. The Euro 2020 tournament, which was pushed back to 2021, will be held in June 2021.

The Sun, a British media outlet, said Ali wants to compete in the Euro 2020. His current performance is at stake in the national team. I want to improve my performance and join the national team through the transfer.

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