The Effect of Apples, Why Apples Are Good for You



The apple effect in the morning makes the stomach active.

It plays a role and helps to absorb digestion.

It is also very effective in digesting breakfast.

And the proper intake of sugars is achieved, so the body functions.

It’s also a good wake-up effect.

But why are apples eaten at night in Germany?

They say two or three pieces doesn’t matter.

But I suggest you eat it during the day if possible.

Pactin in the shell interferes with digestion.

And at night, the digestive system stops working.

Not only this, but also other foods.

It can be beneficial for your health.

Acid can also damage your stomach.

But aside from these trivial reasons,

It’s a very good fruit to eat all year round.

It’s a healthy food.

Let’s talk about the effects together!

One, the feeling of satiety continues.

It’s a fruit rich in dietary fiber and moisture.

The fiber in the apples is low in calories.

It keeps you full for a long time.

Two, cholesterol reduction effect

One apple of a typical size.

It contains about four grams of dietary fiber.
Some of these are in the form of pectin.

It lowers harmful cholesterol significantly.

It even blocks absorption.

Three, weight loss effects.

There’s a substance called ursolic acid in the shell.

This has to do with lowering the risk of obesity.

Ursolic acid increases calorie consumption and increases muscle mass.

It increases.

Not only this, but also as you eat it,

The amount of food you eat will decrease.

Naturally, nutrition is balanced.

So there’s an expected effect of naturally losing weight.

Half the diet if you’re on a diet

Or, most of the time, add 1/4 page.

It must be of great help.

Four, good for heart health.

Apples contain a powerful antioxidant called phytochemicals.

It’s a lot.

It destroys healthy cells.

It neutralizes the free radicals that cause cancer.

This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It can help your heart’s health.

Five, a beneficial effect on intestinal activity.

a large amount of soluble fiber in the shell.

It’s very helpful for bowel movements.

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