Recommend more interesting Korean movies to watch

Old Boy

Recommend more interesting Korean movies to watch

Old Boy

1. Old Boy

The first Korean movie recommendation is the legendary “Old Boy” that makes my mouth water. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen it? You’ve heard of his name, right? This is what I want to do. It’s such a well-made masterpiece that drew attention overseas that it was later remade in Hollywood, and frankly, it’s too… Anyways, I think Park Chan-wook’s shocking look will still remain in my memory. Rage and revenge are the most brutal human instincts and greed. They’re so sophisticated. The Jangdori scene and the action scenes are perfect that it makes me want to review it’since it’s been a while. The three characters, Oh Dae-soo, Lee Woo-jin, and Mido, were all very three-dimensional and I liked them better because the actors were perfect.


2. Chaser

I think 한국Chaser자 is a must for the thriller genre, especially Korean movie recommendations. It was a movie that made director Na Hong-jin and actor Ha Jung-woo stick in my head. I think it’s really fun to watch! And here comes Super Lady, one of the worst villains in history. Every time I see that scene, I get so angry. It’s so famous that I’m getting annoyed just imagining it. Anyway, I think the two main characters who shone in the breathtaking chase, as well as the social message, were excellent. Usually, there’s a twist and fun to guess who the culprit is, but even though it’s not like that, I think he’ more immersed than any other movie. That’s the power of crazy production!

Protect the Earth

3. Protect the Earth

Personally, I really like “Save the Earth.” Whenever I think of this movie, I always feel sad about the poster. Before I saw it, I thought it was just a boring B-rated comedy. (The pictures, the fonts, and the phrases used all taste sick…) But that’s not true at all! The material was so unique. It was an in-depth work that included the element of aliens that Chungmuro does not deal with very well, asking serious questions about violence. I was wondering how it would be possible, but it became a ghost. That came out in 2003! Plus, Shin Ha-kyun and Baek Yoon-sik’s acting breath really impressed me. I think it was an unfortunate move that made me feel extremely nervous, nervous, and catharsis throughout the movie.^^

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