Shin Min-ah Kim Woo-bin Donates 50 million won each


Shin Min-ah Kim Woo-bin Donates 50 million won each for Su Jae-min

Actress Shin Min-ah and actress Kim Woo-bin from “Entertainment_Representative Couple”

I joined in the good deeds to help ‘Su Jae-min’

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin have recently been hit by a heavy rainstorm.

I hope it will be of little comfort and help to many people all over the country.

He delivered 50 million won each to the fruit of love in his heart.

This is not the first time the two have done good deeds.

Since 2009, Shin has supported heating costs for the elderly living alone.

Treatment of burn patients, study rooms for underprivileged children

We’re going to have to find neighbors in need in every field of society, such as

I’m constantly looking into it and conveying my warm heart.

Kim Woo-bin has also supported low-income youth since 2014,

For the underprivileged, such as support for children with childhood cancer.

It’s a quiet, continuous practice of sharing.

It became known.

Especially in the aftermath of Corona 19 earlier this year.

To prevent proliferation and to prevent the vulnerable.

#Exercise good_effects_in the form of donation,

It was also a model for many people.

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