Let’s find out how to get a healthy massage.

healthy massage

Let’s find out how to get a healthy massage.

healthy massage
People who are often weak have cold hands and feet. If people with cold hands and feet continue to apply stimuli, blood flows gradually and the hands and feet become warm. When someone touches someone who has frozen hands and feet in winter, the frozen hands and feet gradually melt and become warm and soft. As the saying goes, “The stagnant water rotates,” if a person’s body does not move, the flow of blood and blood will not flow properly and harden. You have to keep touching it to get the stagnant water flowing.

It’s annoying to touch it, so it’s massage, massage, and acupressure to do it for others. Even though I don’t want to do it myself, I try to be healthy by making others touch my body. Of course, too much will have side effects on anything, but touching is better than not touching anyway.

Of course, there are times when you have to touch someone else because you are sick or uncomfortable, but it is better to touch yourself than others. If you touch the stiff, stiff body part with the right intensity and number of times, you will feel better and relaxed.

It’s not easy to touch yourself in your daily life. You may not be able to touch it often, but you should touch it at least twice.

The first is when I woke up in the morning. When our ancestors woke up in the morning, they rub their hands together, rubbing their palms with heat, rubbing their faces, rubbing their feet, and touching their bodies became a part of life. It’s better to touch your body and get up instead of getting up suddenly in the morning.

The second is right before bed in the evening. Women wash their face and put on makeup before going to bed, but it is better to massage their entire body with heat on their palms, regardless of gender. The fatigue accumulated during the day’s life is relieved and disappeared when you touch your body in the evening. The more tired you are, the more you should touch your body.

If it is hard to touch the whole body, it is better to touch at least the face and feet. Make sure to rub your face by rubbing your palm against your face and touch your toes and other generators.

It is also important to touch your body to make your blood flow well, but you should also touch it often with others. Not acupressure or massage, but skin contact. Don’t you say it’s more intimate to shake hands and say hello than just by shaking hands?

The more you touch it, 안전놀이터 the more you touch it, the bigger the skin becomes. The more you touch a couple, the more affection you get, and the more you touch your children, the more affection you get.

Even when raising a child, you should hug and pet him often from an early age. Just as it is said that one of the reasons breast milk is better than milk is skin contact with the mother, the younger you are, the more emotionally stable you are. Even when you’re in fear, you’ve probably experienced a lot of times when you hold the hand of the person next to you to relax your mind.

Touching with the body is important, but touching with the heart is even more important. Even if you can’t touch it with your body, you can pray for the person with your heart and pray for him or her well. Touch with your heart and body for your loved one near you, and your affection will grow stronger and closer.

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