Lee Sang-ho of ‘effort’ left T1 to join Sandbox



‘Eport’ Lee Sang-ho ended his contract with T1 and moved to Sandbox.

On the 1st, Sandbox Gaming reported to fans that Lee Sang-ho was recruited under the title “Welcome, Effort.”

Sandbox said, “Hello, I’m Sandbox Gaming. Lee Sang-ho of ‘Effort’ has joined as a supporter for 2021.

“I ask for your fans’ expectations and support for Lee Sang-ho, who will make Sandbox gaming a great team based on his outstanding skills and efforts,” he said.

Lee Sang-ho made his debut at T1 in 2017 and worked at T1 for three years. With various supporter picks, he boasted of his firmness and gave a big tow to his team’s victory. However, the ups and downs were so great that it was often seen being cut off at important moments.

Attention is focusing on how Lee Sang-ho, who moved to the sandbox next season, will work with Root and Leo.

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