Over the weary heart of Corona19.

Over the weary heart of Corona19.

The “Patting with Culture Project” will be launched to console citizens who are tired of the prolonged coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and the rainy season.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 5th that it will launch a “Patting with Culture” project that will provide citizens with opportunities to enjoy culture and arts and artists with opportunities for artistic activities.

The project will be carried out in five areas, including the opening of a public invitation performance, a public museum and art museum, an exhibition, a civic cheering campaign, and a psychological counseling service.

Yoo Yeon-sik, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s cultural division, held a press briefing at the Seoul City Hall earlier in the day and said, “It seems that the Korona 19 is struggling with depression and lethargy due to the prolonged period of cultural events and performances. As culture and arts are missing due to the cancellation of various cultural events and performances, artists and art workers are also in crisis.”

“In an era when disasters have become daily life, culture is necessary, and culture restores us and gives us hope,” Yoo said. “The Seoul Metropolitan Government will also start a project to help the difficult culture and arts community with corona and heal the hearts of citizens by holding various performances and exhibitions while observing quarantine measures.”

Mobile heart-wetting cars such as balcony concerts…guerilla performance diagram

The city tries new types of “visiting performances” so that citizens who are having a hard time with Corona 19 can receive small consolation from culture in the midst of their daily lives.

The city receives stories from citizens and offers personalized ‘visiting performances.’

Valcony concerts will also be held in apartment playgrounds and other places where people enjoy social distance from their home veranda or window. The mobile performance vehicle “Heart Defense Vehicle,” which will travel around Seoul on stage to meet citizens, will also begin operation at the end of August.

Performances will be held at “Seonam Hospital” on Wednesday and at “Narae School,” a public special school for students with disabilities, on Friday. It will present classical and B-boy performances to medical staff and students who are struggling with the long-term Corona 19.

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