Let’s find out the origin of massage



1The Origin of Massage

In the 1800 BC Hindu book Ayurveda, there is a record that Indians used massages to treat pain and to relieve physical irritation, insomnia, and fatigue by using hands and other tools.

Around 1400 BC in China, there are data on massages, acupuncture, and pastoral treatments that burn herbs for therapeutic purposes, and Chuna Massages that have continued since 1800 BC to this day are meant to be pushed and pulled.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine in the 5th century B.C., defined massage as “the way to prevent disease is to have fresh air, healthy food, baths, music, rest, and companionship because doctors should have a variety of experiences but also learn to rub with their hands.” For specific issues, such as shoulder dislocation treatments, it is important to rub gently and slowly when treating dislocated shoulders, because the therapist must have a lot of experience, or it should be able to treat the pain as much as possible without straining the joints,” Iceculapius said, emphasizing a massage with medicinal herbs, a healthy diet, rest and numerical therapy.

As a great Greek doctor around the 5th century, he is recorded as one of the people who contributed a lot to the development of Western medicine. The symbol of iced coulapius is a symbol of medicine (two snakes wrapped around a cane).

It’s coming down to.

Two Massage Principle

It stimulates certain areas to facilitate the flow of energy.

Research on “ki” and “energy,” both East and West, is at its peak, and these days, with active exchanges with medicine, 토토커뮤니티 massages are even more brilliant. Multifunctional, full-scale, modern research is increasingly validating the mental and physical effects of massage, and it’s also showing new effects. Eunice Ingum, a massage expert who said, “Return is life and identity is death,” most clearly stated the effect of the massage, “The flow of blood in our body that needs to move properly is suppressed by the enormous existence of stress, and as the flow of blood is suppressed, the body becomes more and more filled with waste, and congestion leads to death.”

The primary role of massage is to facilitate the circulation of the body so that the blood can get rid of any waste in the body.

By filtering out wastes, the circulation of the blood and lymph is enhanced so that the body’s organs can do their part efficiently.

the efficacy of three massages

You can see the indirect effects of the blood vessels in your body, like your feet.

As the saying goes that a person’s feet and ears should always be soft to be healthy, if you press down on the root of the middle finger when you have a sieve, you can digest it. If you have a headache, you can press the tip of the middle finger. This is a folk remedy.

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