What kind of massage is there for massage?



Stone Massage

Stone massages originate from the long-standing traditional therapy of Native Americans and Japanese monks, and warm stones with natural energy, such as basalt and marble, to absorb the far-infrared rays that stones naturally harbor.It gives the body warmth and makes each organ function better.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayubedic massage, which originated in India, is one of the oldest massages that dates back about 4,000 years.

Ayubedic is a natural plant extract (mainly herbs) that is good for blood circulation, and the massage technique induces the person to meditate while undergoing treatment, which is excellent for finding mental and physical stability.

foot massage

It’s also commonly referred to as Balvasatology, and the feet have both the body’s organs and the reflections that correspond to the intestines.

A reflector is a place where nerves are concentrated, and it has a close relationship with each part of the body.

Therefore, the foot massage can release toxins from the body and relieve stress by pressing the reflector points corresponding to the eyes, neck, liver, pituitary gland, diaphragm, pituitary spine, etc.

Aroma Massage

It’s the most popular massage. It’s often used with other massages.

The scent of healthy natural plant extracts and aromas, essential oils, have the advantage of being able to choose according to individual tastes, constitution and health conditions.

Various aromas can be applied to various applications such as muscle clots, toxins, pain relief, sleep deprivation, metabolic improvement, etc.

It has a smooth and flexible movement compared to other massages and is recommended for those who cannot get a massage due to pain.

Tai Massage

It is a representative massage in Thailand and it is very popular in Korea recently.

This massage relaxes your muscles by pressing and pulling the line of body energy called “Sen.”

Massage makes stiff muscles flexible and balances body energy to improve various health problems from bad posture!

Especially, I usually see things on a flat floor that are different from other massages, which means that both the surgeon and the PC should be treated in the most comfortable condition, and the view that pain is unbalanced rather than abnormal condition is special~!

In the West, it is popular as a massage that combines yoga, and it is called lazy yoga because it has similar effects.

There are two big techniques, Rachasamrak, which have been handed down to the royal family and high-ranking officials, and Jaler sprouts, which have been handed down to monks and civilians, and now there are about 3,000 to 4,000 kinds of massages coming down in the order of teaching.

In addition to the commonly known manual technique, there are strong herbs and herbs that use the wooden hammer and pakob that use the herbs, and traditional drugs called yamong to relieve muscle pain.

In addition, massage the meridian massage that stimulates the “campion” of the body’s energy, sports massage that is good for blood circulation and muscle relaxation, bamboo massage that stimulates bamboo and listens to tree sounds, liposage massage that pinches the skin, gold massage that adds energy with gold and silver, pot massage that stimulates the muscles with burning pottery glasses, and mayo therapy that deals with muscle activity based on muscle science. You can see it from time to time.

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