Kim Jae-ho, who proved Oh Jae-won’s robustness at the starting

Kim Jae-ho, who proved Oh Jae-won’s robustness at the starting point, expects a warm breeze for the second FA.

Will Kim Jae-ho (35) of the Doosan Bears be able to smile in his second free agency?

Kim Jae-ho qualified for the FA after the end of this season. Having earned his first FA qualification since the end of the 2016 season, he signed a four-year total of 5 billion won contract and was recognized for his value as a starting shortstop. 토토사이트

Four years later, Kim Jae-ho showed off his skills. His textbook defense, which was not overshadowed by his nickname “genius shortstop,” remained, and although he slowed down in the middle of the season due to his poor physical condition, his batting performance also showed a good performance with a batting average of 289 in 120 games this season. He also showed off his strong performance in big games by batting .421 (eight hits and one home run in 19 at-bats) in six Korean Series games.

Although he is talented, he is considered the best player in Doosan’s “Kingdom DNA” as he has steadily stepped on the Korean Series stage for the past six years. He also has experience as a captain, which is expected to have a good influence on young players.

If there is a stumbling block, he is in his mid-30s. However, as he proved his physical condition that allows him to play for two to three years, other clubs outside the Doosan Bears have begun to show interest in Kim Jae-ho.

The implementation of the FA rating system is also a boon. Kim Jae-ho was classified as a “B” class as he gained re-qualification. In the case of B-rated players, 25 players will be protected, five more than A-class players, and the compensation will be reduced to 100 percent in the previous year.

The contract-sized ‘start point’ is expected to become Oh Jae-won last year. Oh Jae-won signed a three-year contract with Doosan last year for 1.9 billion won (1.6 billion won in guarantees plus 600 million won in options). Oh Jae-won was sluggish in the regular season last year with a batting average of 164, but he was at the center of Doosan’s unified championship with a batting average of 50 percent (5 hits in 10 at-bats) in four Korean Series games. 토토

An official said, “First of all, both offense and defense are stable. “I think it will have a positive impact on my performance in the Korean Series,” he said. “At least last year, Oh Jae-won’s contract will go beyond the size of his contract.” In the case of Kim Jae-ho, he showed good performance in the regular season and also played in the Korean Series, which is why it is worth it.

“We will meet with all the FA players until next week to hear from them,” Doosan said.

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