Gumiho Jo Boa Lee Dong Wook. Lead well. Rely a lot.


Gumiho Jo Boa Lee Dong Wook. Lead well. Rely a lot.


Actor Jo Bo-ah thanked viewers of “Kumihoi” with a bright smile.

Cho Bo-ah revealed her thoughts on ending tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday series “Kumihoi,” which ended the previous day, through her agency on the 4th.

Jo Bo-ah was a fearless and daring urban ghost story producer named Nam Ji-ah in “Gumi-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho” and gave her the charm of “Girl Crush” with her imposing figure.

In particular, he was loved by viewers as a customized actor who can do fantasy, action, and romance.

“It’s been longer than ever since I’ve been living as Jia and Ah-eum for more than seven months, and I think I’ve focused more on filming because it’s a combination of fantasy, action, thriller, and romance,” Cho Bo-ah said. “It’s going to be a work that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I feel sorry for him the most of all.

He was such a three-dimensional character that he could become a four-player character. “There were four roles: Jia and Imu and Jia, Ahum and Imuku and Ahum and Imuku and Ahum,” he said. “From the beginning, I made it by analyzing a lot and talking a lot with the writer and director.”

“When I put a lemur on Jia’s confident and chic character, I tried to raise my voice tone and express it with a mean tone or expression, as opposed to it. He also played Jia, who turned into Yi Mu-gi, while watching Ah-eum’s filming scene, which turned into Yi Mu-gi because he thought the Imugi of the previous and present life was one.”

I first met the genre of action through this work. “At first, I was scared and scared a lot, but the process of preparing for action school in advance and working together on the scene was very thrilling,” he said. “It was new and fun to act with a different texture from what I’ve done so far.”

“I think I was proud that the completed scene was edited more plausible than I had imagined. I have a desire to challenge myself if there is a role I can play in the action genre in the action genre.”

How would he have been working with Lee Dong-wook? Lee Dong-wook leads the team well. From the beginning to the end of the drama, I relied on him a lot, received help, and learned from him. I think the chemistry between the two was expressed well as you led and I tried to follow well.”

Kim Beom, who played “Irang,” made a lot of strong straightforward comments. He said, “There were so many lines that I thought I was too much. “You don’t look good in that suit,” he said. “When I’m with him, I think the parts where I speak slang or talk strongly made Jia’s charm stand out.”

The most cherished scene was the scene with the sad narratives of Ahum and Leeyeon and Lee’s previous life.

I cried a lot as soon as I got the script, and I think I tried to hold back my tears because I had to die with only Lee Yeon when I was filming. He was able to concentrate for three days in a quiet forest, so he did not have any regrets. It’s the most memorable.”

He also expressed his wishes after the opening ceremony. “Like Epilogue, there is a scene where Lee-yeon changes her eyes as she meets Sam-jae at the end,” he said. “If Lee-yeon has a little bit of the power of the mountain god, it will be fun to live with Jia, who is a perfect member of the human world, and Lee-yeon, who has a small superpower, as a couple that helps weak and poor people like the Avengers.”

“There’s a lot of regret left, but based on that regret, I’ll show you another side of me through other works, so please look forward to it. I hope you get some healing from our work and get through the hard and tiring situation.”

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