About the characteristics of sweet strawberries and strawberries



Strawberries are fruit that has been grown by pulp in the flower bed, and pulp is edible. In other words, the real fruit of strawberries is not the pulp part, but the seed-like part. Similar cases include figs whose flowers grow like berries.

Strawberries are classified as fruits and fruit vegetables (vegetables) according to their academic perspectives. In Article 24 paragraph 2 of the Enforcement Rules of the Value-Added Tax Act, Article 2 of the Regulations on the Investigation of Fruits or Agricultural Statistics shall be classified as fruit and vegetables, etc. Depending on the country, there are differences between fruits and vegetables. Basically, vegetables are seen in the U.S., Japan, and Korea. The designation of strawberries as vegetables in the U.S. is entangled with tariff issues. The same was true of tomatoes. See that topic for more information. In Korea, it is classified as ‘fruit vegetables’ which are sub-categories of vegetables. See the website of the Rural Development Administration. In Korea and Japan, the fruit of a plant (=tree) is legally treated as a fruit, and strawberries are neither a plant of wood nor a fruit of strict meaning. Therefore, it is divided into vegetables along with watermelons and melons. However, this is an academic distinction, and for real consumers, apples, strawberries and bananas are all considered fruits.

In Europe, it is usually regarded as a fruit because it is distinguished as ‘taste’ and ‘purpose’. On the contrary, avocado is a fruit, but it is divided into vegetables in Europe. Because it doesn’t taste sweet and is used as a main dish or appetizer.

There are about 200 seeds attached to the surface. Strawberries are often planted with seeds, but they are difficult to grow, so they are usually grown by cutting stems (runners) that extend from the replica. Strawberries from seeds are all the more so because they are not big strawberries from the improved varieties, but dwarf strawberries like the above picture are opened.

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