Bang Jun-shik, I really want to meet T1 I’ve been on this team


Bang Jun-shik, I really want to meet T1. I’ve been on this team for a long time, so I’ll have mixed feelings.


“Bang” Bae Joon-sik picked the team he wants to meet at Springer in 2021 as T1.

On the 7th, Afreeca Freecs released a video containing short interviews of newly joined Bae Joon-sik and Son Si-woo under the title “Welcome Bang & Lehends.”

Bae Joon-sik’s pledge to return to the LCK caught the eye. “I came back to LCK after two years at LCS, and I missed it after more than six years at LCK,” he said.

Regarding his new African colleague, he explained, “It’s still a little awkward not even a week after we met, so it’s more fun and the players are cuter than I thought.”

Bae Joon-sik emphasized, “Since I am a good player, I think I will have good results if I do well, and I want to share my experiences and lessons with the players as much as possible.안전놀이터

He picked T1 as the team he wants to meet next season. “I’ve been with the team for too long, and there seems to be a lot different from when I was in T1. When I meet T1, I feel like I’m going to have mixed feelings,” he said.

Bae Joon-sik said about the next season, “I won’t give up until the end and will do my best,” and added, “I think I’ve made a lot of efforts internally, but I have to keep changing myself in joining Africa and how I develop.”

“It’s important that we continue to develop, and that the team and I will be able to see such things like that are important. We will think a lot and will not give up with the goal of developing as much as possible.”

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