Abolition of the accredited certificate, what will happen to my financial life?

— If public certificates are abolished, can they conduct financial transactions without certificates?

▲ No, the certificate itself is not abolished, but the status of a “certificate” certificate is lost. Previously, only certificates issued by public certification bodies such as the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) had the effect of signing and sealing according to the Electronic Signature Act. However, certificates issued by private businesses will have the same legal effect in the future. Private certificates will also be available for non-face-to-face financial transactions.

— What about the previously issued public certificate?

▲ Can be used continuously for financial transactions, etc. However, the name will be changed to a “joint” certificate, not a “official” certificate. If the expiration date is not long, you can renew it on the websites of financial companies and other mobile apps that have previously been issued certificates.

— If you want a new public certificate.

▲ You can bring your ID card with you to the bank or get it after checking your real name. However, it is not a public certificate, but a joint certificate.

— What kind of certificates can be used for financial transactions? How do I choose a certificate that suits me well?

▲ There are three certificates that can be used for financial transactions: 1 Joint Certificate to replace existing public certificates, 2 Certificates to be issued by individual banks, 토토커뮤니티 3 Certificates to be issued by telecommunication companies or platform operators.

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