Indonesian boy flying a kite was pulled up into the sky and crashed


In Indonesia, a boy was seriously injured when he was dragged up by a large kite and crashed.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail and local media on the 8th (local time), a 12-year-old boy caught the reel of a kite his cousin was flying in southern Indonesia and was dragged up to about 9 meters.

When a 10-meter-long kite with the head and torso of a dragon went up to the sky, the boy who caught the reel with both hands was dragged up for about five seconds, but suddenly the kite fell to the ground as the head and body of the kite separated, and the boy also fell in an instant.

The unbalanced boy suffered fractures in six arms, falling from the head, but his life is known to be safe.

The accident was reported through social media.

Local authorities recommended that a kite of the right size should be flown for safety, saying, “There are often accidents where a kite is dragged up into the sky for reasons such as being caught in a string while flying it.”

In fact, in June, 먹튀사이트 a 14-year-old boy was dragged up to about 3 meters when he was wrapped in a string and fell, causing a fracture in his lower body.

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