The plot of the Korean action movie “Movie is Movie”

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The plot of the Korean action movie “Movie is Movie”

Actor Jang Soo-ta (Kang Ji-hwan), who was filming the movie, assaulted the other actor because he couldn’t resist his anger in the action scene.
The movie is on the verge of being discontinued. Also, no actor is in a tight spot for not playing opposite actor Sutta like a gangster.

As a desperate measure, he visits Lee Kang-pae (So Ji-seop), the number of gangsters he got to know by signing autographs at the room salon.
Kang-pae, who had a dream of becoming a movie star without anyone knowing, is intrigued by Sutta’s offer and offers one condition instead of accepting her appearance.

The action scene is not acting, but actually fighting!
Su-ta, who is confident that she would have been as good as a gangster if she didn’t become an actress, 안전놀이터 accepts this condition.
I’m starting to shoot a movie that’s like a fierce war between two people.

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