Disband. AOA, Kwon Min-ah. Bullying Shin Ji-min

Disband. AOA, Kwon Min-ah. Bullying Shin Ji-min by leaving the group.

A coalition of hitmakers, masterpieces, and women who have led the third-generation commercial boom of idol groups over the past decade and asked them to present themselves as the top three girl groups.

AOA, the team that gave them hope, has recently fallen into conceit, walked down the path of a moment’s collapse, and became famous due to the time limit, leaving the team in question and becoming a dead body.

There were a few questions as they failed to protect their past reputation.

As the years went by, the deviation between the members (outsourcing) and the level of the album stage for the fans did not match, and the noise of the public social incident of the new agency FNC was caused by the noise.

Ggongsu and octopus-style business, which we thought would be done by force, eventually broke out in 2016 and infringed on the fairness of the industry, and each year, it was a team quality album with no progress.

Since he started to turn his back on fans who wanted to support him, his withdrawal from elementary school, which was the team leader and the most popular choice, took the world apart the next year.

The withdrawal of Kwon Min-ah, a 93-year-old visual trend actress who seemed to be totally safe, has reached an appalling point.

Now that the trend has shifted to the next generation of junior idols, AOA, which can’t be optimistic, has ended with Seolhyun, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Chanmi, and the album “NEW MOON > 2019” as a five-member group.

It was long since the news was announced through the media, but the public was indifferent even if it was disbanded except for Seolhyun. Team Activities by Skilled Choa-Ga-Gi-Gi-G

While the popularity of the TV viewers in the department suddenly turned red, and they suddenly left and cheered for the lives of ordinary people, FNC’s entertainment planning support was sufficient.

Even Min-ah, who is on the top line of the sub-vocal visuals, suddenly withdrew from the show (2019.5), so the celebrities’ silent stories are everywhere.

It was also irresponsible to put a dagger in the hearts of fans who had trusted and supported him.

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