I haven’t received an order for’iPhone 12 Pro’ in a month

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, which was released last month, is suffering from severe shortages. Some buyers have been unable to receive delivery for a month since they ordered the product, the report showed.

According to related industries on the 10th, the number of complaints from buyers is increasing as the delivery of the iPhone 12 series has been delayed for up to a month. By model, supplies of “iPhone 12 Pro” and “iPhone 12 Promax” were particularly scarce.

Many Korean mobile communities and blogs, including Cleans, have posted that they have ordered the iPhone 12 Pro series and have not been able to receive it for nearly a month.

“I ordered the iPhone 12 Pro on October 26 through T Direct Shop, but the delivery hasn’t been delivered for a month,” a consumer who pre-booked the iPhone 12 Pro complained. “I haven’t even been able to get a response about when it’s coming.” Currently, all iPhone 12 Pro models are sold out at T Direct Shop, the official online mall of SKT.

“We booked the iPhone 12 Pro Max in advance on the 13th of last month, but there was no news for three weeks,” said a consumer who had reserved the iPhone 12 Pro Max in advance. “We canceled the order for the model.”

“We don’t have any supplies for iPhone 12 programs at all,” said an official at a mobile carrier’s agency. “It’s hard to say how long we have to wait.”

According to the mobile telecommunication industry, 토토사이트 there is a lack of supplies for the actual iPhone 12 series’ Pro-Max models.

“As iPhone 12 Pro is the most popular model, we are short of supplies,” said a representative for the mobile telecommunication industry. “It is hard to say when the supply will be released immediately, but we deliver it sequentially to the person who made the reservation.”

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