Kyunghoo Lee, promoted as Vice President of CJ ENM

CJ ENM managing director Lee Kyung-hoo, the eldest daughter of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun, was promoted to vice president Daewoo. The eldest son, Lee Sun-ho, was not on the list.

CJ Group made regular personnel appointments at the end of the year on Thursday. Lee Kyung-hoo, the new vice president of CJ ENM, currently heads the brand strategy office. CJ Group’s fourth-generation succession process is expected to pick up speed as it has been promoted to vice president for about three years.

Vice President Lee Dae-woo joined CJ Group in 2011 after graduating from Columbia University with a master’s degree. After serving at CJ O Shopping and CJ U.S. regional headquarters, he was promoted to Sangmu Daewoo in 2017 after six years and became the executive vice president in November of that year. In 2018, he was appointed as the head of CJ ENM Brand, a new corporation merged with CJ O Shopping and CJ E&M, and led the business at the U.S. regional headquarters.

Vice President Lee’s husband, Chung Jong-hwan, CEO of CJ Mizu headquarters, retained his position in the personnel reshuffle. Chung reportedly met with Lee when he was a master of Columbia University. Chung, who used to work at Citibank in New York, joined CJ Group in 2010 with a career when he married Vice President Lee Dae-jung in 2008. He was promoted to his current position first last year, a year ahead of Lee’s treatment.

Former CJ CheilJedang chief Lee Sun-ho, who had been a major concern in the industry, failed to return to management. Lee was caught last year on charges of inhaling mutated marijuana and smuggling it into the country, and was sentenced to three years in prison and four years of probation by an appeals court in February. Although he was suspended at the company level, there is no problem with his return to the company due to the end of the three-month disciplinary period. 정품비아그라 CJ Group is reportedly agonizing over Lee until the last minute. In the end, it is interpreted as continuing the self-reflection period in consideration of public opinion.

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