The plot of the interesting Korean movie “With God”

With God

The plot of the movie “With God”

The Three Chasa Temple, which reincarnated 48 dead people in a thousand years, can reincarnate one more and they can get a new life.
However, Kang Rim (Ha Jung-woo) makes an incomprehensible choice to designate Su Hong (Kim Dong-wook), who was a distant ghost, as their last nobleman.

Under the law of the underworld, Won-gwi deserves to be extinguished, but King Yeom-ra (Lee Jeong-jae) accepts Kang-rim’s proposal with a new condition to the third minister of the underworld.
Yeomra’s condition is to bring Heo Chun-sam, an elderly man who fails to go to the next world due to Sung Joo-shin (Ma Dong-seok), to the next world until Su Hong’s trial is over.

Haewon-maek (Joo Ji-hoon) and Deok-chun (Kim Hyang-gi), who went down to this world to pick up Heo Chun-sam, but while being helpless against the powerful power of Sung Ju-shin, they happen to know that he was the next Cha-sa who took Hae-maek and Deok-chun to the next world a thousand years ago.
With curiosity about the past that you don’t even remember yourself, Haewon Mac and Deokchun 먹튀사이트 start a business with Sungju God… A thousand years of secrets between this world and the afterlife and the present and the past will be revealed!

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