Daycare center 70m in front of Jo Doo-soon’s new residence

It has been confirmed that there is a daycare center just 70 meters away from the house where child rapist Cho Doo-soon (68) will be released from prison on the 13th. If the range is expanded to a 500-meter radius of the house, five daycare centers and one elementary school are also located, causing residents to complain of anxiety.

According to the Chosun Ilbo on Thursday, Cho Doo-soon’s wife recently completed the transfer report to a row house in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. There are daycare centers with a straight distance of 70 meters, and a total of five kindergartens and one elementary school are located within 500 meters.

Officials at daycare centers were not informed of the information in advance. Under the current law, sex offenders’ address notices are made within one month of being released from prison for households with children under the age of 19. If the victim is over 20 years old, Cho Doo-soon cannot receive an address notice even if she moves into the same neighborhood.

Cho Doo-soon will wear an electronic anklet for seven years after his release from prison and receive a one-on-one close monitoring 24 hours a day from a designated probation officer. The competent police station also operates a response team. Cho Doo-soon reports daily life plans, including mobile movements, to the probation officer on a weekly basis, and the probation officer makes a surprise business trip every day to check the compliance of the living plan.

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