Sungwoo Bae who drunk and drove, eventually got off at SBS

Sungwoo Bae

Actor Bae Sung-woo, who recently caused a stir after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol, will eventually drop out of the SBS drama “Flying Gaecheonyong.”

The drama’s public relations agency said on the 11th, “After hearing the news of the main actor’s drunk driving, the production company and the broadcasting company continued to discuss the best remedy, and the conclusion is that it is inevitable for the actor to drop out.”

Bae Sung-woo apologized for causing a stir, saying, “I deeply regret it,” but many viewers were calling for him to get off because they felt uncomfortable playing the role of Park Sam-soo, a righteous reporter in the drama.

As a result, Bae will be excluded from filming the drama, and the production company is reportedly discussing the development of the drama.

The drama will resume early next year after three weeks of re-organization after its 12th episode aired on May 12.

The public relations agency explained, “We will edit the amount of the actor’s appearance as much as possible until the 16th episode, which has already been filmed, and we will continue filming without the actor’s appearance from the 17th to the 20th episode.”

Earlier, Bae Sung-woo was criticized by the public after it was belatedly known that he was booked 토토커뮤니티 at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul last month on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act.

When he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, his blood alcohol level was reportedly around the level of revocation of his license.

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