Which team is the most expensive to confirm the UCL Round of 16


Which team is the most expensive to confirm the UCL Round of 16? It’s worth 1.4 trillion won.


Which of the 16 remaining teams in the war of stars boasts the highest ransom?

The UEFA Champions League group stage has ended. Amid mixed feelings over the UCL’s advance to the round of 16, 16 teams have been confirmed to fight against the stars in the 2020-21 season.

Bayern Munich (Germany), Real Madrid (Spain), Manchester City (England), Liverpool (England), Chelsea (England), Dortmund (Germany), Juventus (Italy) and Paris Saint-Germain (France). Atletico Madrid (Spain), Munich Gladbach (Germany), Porto (Portugal), Atalanta (Italy), Sevilla (Spain), Lazio (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Leipzig (Germany) 안전놀이터

When the list of teams that reached the round of 16 was confirmed, soccer statistics media “Transfermark” released the total ransom of the teams on the 10th (Korea time). The most expensive teams were Manchester City and Liverpool. The two teams, which had divided the Premier League (EPL) over the past three seasons, recorded a whopping 1.08 billion euros (about 1.2273 trillion won). It was the highest amount for any soccer club in the world.

The third-place finish was Munich, which topped Europe last season. The ransom was a whopping 895.7 million euros (about 1.1837 trillion won). Serge Gnabri, Oshua Kimmich and Alfonso Davis boasted more than 100 billion won in ransom. The fourth place was Barcelona, which recorded 888 million euros (1.173 trillion won). However, Barcelona suffered a humiliating 0-3 defeat at home in the final round, giving Juventus the top spot, falling to second place in the group.

Fifth place was PSG, which Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are holding out. The total value of the ransom amounted to 856 million euros. Real Madrid, once called the Earth Defense Force, was ranked sixth. Among the 16 teams, Porto was chosen for 55.03 million euros (about 337.2 billion won).

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