Busan, dance club, nursing hospital, etc. 31 additional confirmed

Thirty-one more people were diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in Busan on Wednesday, marking the 19th day of double-digit confirmation.

The Busan Metropolitan Government said that 31 new confirmed cases (10 in the afternoon of the 10th and 24 in the morning of the 11th) were added to a total of 1,777 people the previous day, raising the total number of confirmed cases to 1,145 (accumulated).

The additional confirmed cases are patients No. 1115-1145 in Busan.

First of all, patients No. 1115 and 1138 in Busan were confirmed to be members of the dance club, and nine out of 15 members of the club were confirmed.

Patient No. 1126 is the contact person of patient No. 1100 who is a member of the dance club, and patient No. 1142 and 1143 is the family of patient No. 1108 who is a member of the dance club. Patient No. 1131 is also a family member of the club, No. 1104.

As a result, the number of confirmed dance club members has increased to 14 (nine members and five contacts, including family members).

The Busan Metropolitan Government predicted that a total of 281 people (108 people in self-isolation) were in contact with the dance club until the previous day, and that the number of people in contact with the dance club will increase further due to the release of the route.

Seven patients, including patients 1116-1119 and 1130110, 1140 and 1141, are employees and caregivers at Inchang Nursing Hospital in Dong-gu, which are partially isolated from the same group (cohort), and the number of confirmed patients has increased to 30 (8 employees, 4 individuals, and 18 patients).

The Busan Metropolitan Government said it is conducting a full survey of Inchang Nursing Hospital as additional confirmed cases occur, and plans to expand cohort isolation depending on the size of additional confirmed cases.

Three patients, including patients No. 1128, 1129, 1137, are contacts of patient 741, and patient No. 정품비아그라 1123 is contacts of patient No. 729, who is a user of the fitness center. All of them are nth cases of infection related to the first performance music room, and were confirmed through a pre-existing test of self- The total number of confirmed guests related to the premiere music room has increased to 168.

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