Cho Jae Hyun, 17 billion won, 30 billion won

Cho Jae Hyun, 17 billion won, 30 billion won for the Daehangno building, but he can’t sell it.

The recent news of actor Cho Jae-hyun, who suspended all activities due to controversy over Me Too, has been reported.

The story of Cho Jae-hyun was mentioned in Channel A’s “Listening to the Rumor” (hereinafter referred to as “Fungmoon Show”), which aired on the 3rd, along with celebrities who were embroiled in the Me Too controversy a few years ago.

“Cho Jae-hyun has offered about 30 billion won to sell the Daehangno building, which he bought for 17 billion won in 2009, but it has yet to be sold,” a cast member said in the broadcast. He then said, “The performance production company that Cho Jae-hyun founded in his building in 2018 is currently closed.”

Cho Jae-hyun’s recent news was also reported. An entertainment reporter said, “Jo Jae-hyun’s lawyer delivered his recent news through a media outlet on the 22nd of last month.” He said, “Cho Jae-hyun is living somewhere in the province, and he is literally doing nothing except hiking,” and added, “Since there are still lawsuits regarding Me Too, we are continuing our irregular life, and we are coming to Seoul to consult with a lawyer.”

“That’s all about the activity, and I’m staying at home otherwise,” he said.

Another cast member who was listening said, “I heard the exact opposite story. I got to know someone who says he is a close friend of Cho Jae-hyun, who says he is currently in Seoul with his family and occasionally travels to Jeju Island to cool his head. “It’s a little different from the lawyer’s story,” he said.

“After the article about Me Too came out, I never mentioned it as Cho Jae-hyun, but I asked manager Cho Jae-hyun first, ‘Is the article about Me Too an article about Cho Jae-hyun?’ He said. “I also asked him why he called because I was so surprised.”

In response, the cast members around me roared, “Did you get stabbed?”

In an earlier broadcast, a panel explained that actor Cho Hye-jung, Cho Jae-hyun’s daughter, started her SNS activities again and became a hot topic, saying, “Cho Hye-jung’s father Cho Jae-hyun was also noted as she received attention for leaving a comment on actress Han Bo-reum’s SNS.”

Reporter Hwang Young-jin said, “When I saw this, Cho Hye-jung, who refrained from appearing with her father, Me-too-controversy, left a comment for the first time in two years and five months, and cautious speculation arose that she was starting her acting career again.”

“It’s not Cho’s fault,” Hong said. “It may be unfair to suspend her activities because she’s a daughter who has nothing to do with Me Too.”

Lady Jane also said, “Most of the thoughts are similar,” adding, “I was curious about how Cho Jae-hyun has been doing rather than criticizing Cho Hye-jung.” She did not mean to be involved with her.

Meanwhile, Cho suspended all entertainment activities in February 2018 after being cited as a sexual assault or sexual harassment perpetrator by a number of women.

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