About the origin of the traditional Korean dish “Bulgogi”


Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish that has been eaten for thousands of years and is a barbecue dish with diverse wisdom from ancestors. Bulgogi is a dish where thinly sliced beef is marinated and grilled in a grill. It used to be called Neubiani. Neubiani is a term used in royal palaces and aristocrats’ houses in Seoul, meaning that the meat was widely cooked. Eat it lightly cooked or grilled, depending on your taste.

Bulgogi originated from the Magistrate of Goguryeo
Korea’s traditional meat dish originated from Macjeok. Mac refers to the present-day northeastern region of China, which used to refer to Goguryeo. It is said that Macjeok is a food that is grilled on fire by skewers, but after the grill was released, it was not necessary to put it on skewers and became bulgogi today. After that, Buddhism became more prosperous during the Goryeo Dynasty, and the practice of eating beef in particular almost disappeared, as meat began to grow further away from diet. Then, under the influence of China during the late Goryeo Dynasty, they began to cook bulgogi and galbi in earnest. After that, Bulgogi came to the Joseon Dynasty and developed into a royal cuisine called Neubiani.

Bulgogi is said to be the only food in the world that marinate meat in sauce and roast it. There is a similar food in China, but it is not marinated in advance, but grilled or ground and mixed with seasoning.

the taste of mixing rice with a sweet soup.
Bulgogi is marinated and grilled in a marinade made of soy sauce, honey, chopped green onions, minced garlic, and ground pepper, and its sweet and warm taste is excellent. In the days when the dining menu was not as diverse as it is now, I ate a lot of bulgogi 먹튀사이트 on special days or meetings. When the bulgogi with broth simmered on the bulgogi plate, adults drank soju with meat side dishes, and children mixed rice with sweet meat broth.

Obama’s favorite bulgogi
Bulgogi has long been a treat for guests. Foreigners visiting our country also like bulgogi.
U.S. President Obama, known as a Korean food enthusiast, picked Bulgogi as his favorite menu.

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