I’ve used all five replacements, and it’s not gonna make me happy


I’ve used all five replacements, and it’s not gonna make me happy.


Jose Mourinho commented on the scene where Dele Ali, who failed to play, left the bench.

Coach Mourinho’s Tottenham won 2-0 in the final group match of the Europa League against Royal Antwerp on the 11th (Korea time) thanks to Vinicius’ first goal and Roselso’s wedge goal. It has confirmed its first place in the group, the round of 32.

Mourinho put Bergbine in the second half with the start of the second half, and Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Ndombele all at once in the 13th minute, right after Vinicius’ goal in the 12th minute of the second half when he was leading 1-0. Then in the 23rd minute of the second half, Sissoko was put in place of Moura and exhausted all five replacement cards. The relay camera took a close-up of Dele Ali leaving the bench and wearing a padded jacket. Dele Ali, who played as an ace for Tottenham with Kane and Son Heung-min during Pochettino’s tenure, has not been appointed since Mourinho’s appointment. He has played only two league games this season. On October 4, he was the last player to replace the Manchester United. Nevertheless, he was named along with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld and Hugo Lloris as FIFA’s World Best 11 candidates on Wednesday, raising doubts among fans.

Asked about the scene where Dele Ali, who failed to play after Sissoko was replaced later in the day, left the bench, Mourinho said, “Let’s not run away from reality.” “I can’t be happy to know that the player sitting on the bench has used up all five replacement cards. “A player on the bench who realises have been used of course is not a happy player and I would not expect him to be happy. 메이저사이트

Mourinho, on the other hand, expressed satisfaction with Rossello’s performance. “Rosso played very high last season. However, he failed to participate in the preseason due to injury. He usually plays in the Europa League and plays as a substitute member in the league. Rosselso did well in the last game, and today he played very well. Close to normal rosselso. When I feel better, I will be able to show a stronger side of myself.

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