How to identify and eat strawberry effects and nutrients

How to identify and eat strawberry effects and nutrients

Strawberries are one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits. In the West, people believed that it was good for their health since ancient Rome.

Typical nutritional ingredient is vitamin C. It weighs twice as much as lemon, three times as orange, and five times as much as apple. The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 100 milligrams, and seven or so can fill this amount.

That’s why Strawberry is known as a good fruit for preventing colds and relieving fatigue.

strawberry efficacy

It contains a lot of xylitol, which is good for preventing cavities. It’s effective if you eat it after a meal, but it disappears when you sprinkle milk or sugar. It also helps remove plaque. You can keep Juice in your mouth for a long time, cut it in half, rub it on your teeth, or brush your teeth.

It has a strong sweet taste, but it also has a lower calorie than you think. The calorie content per 100g is only 35kcal, so people who want to lose weight can enjoy it without much pressure.

It is also good for lowering cholesterol levels. Because it is rich in pectin. Pregnant or hyperlipidemia, as it contains a lot of folic acid that prevents birth of malformed babies and potassium that controls blood pressure.It’s effective for the oppressed.

It is also expected to help prevent cancer. Strawberries have fiber and anthocyanin in their shells.

It can cause allergies or hives in some people. Unlike other types, there are seeds on the outside, which are known to cause this.

If your doctor advised you not to take aspirin, it is safe not to eat strawberries. It’s because salicylate, the main ingredient, is also in strawberries.

If possible, it’s better to buy something raised on a nearby farm where you live. Carrying or leaving for a long period of time can lead to poor quality, such as mold.

It’s good to have a glossy surface and a clear color. And let’s choose a fresh, green, dry, and fresh top. You can consider the white ones to be uncooked.

It may be common sense, but you should wash it well under running water. Hazardous substances, such as pesticides, may remain and are removed by washing them two to three times. At this time, you have to wash your face without hitting the ground to prevent Vitamin C from escaping. Let’s remember that if you soak it for a long time, it can be lost.

The principle is to keep it refrigerated without washing it. If you put it in a bag in the freezer, it’ll keep it healthy for up to two weeks.

Recently, raspberry juice has been widely used in detox therapy. It detoxifies toxins in the intestines and cleans the intestines. These days, it can be grown artificially, but it’s a mountain daughter.Like Ki’s name, it usually grows on mountains. It’s a combination of sour and sweet flavors.

Like strawberries, it is high in vitamin C and contains Anthocyanin. It is similar to regular strawberries that go bad easily. The expiration date is two days at the most, but if you leave it for a long time, it will taste bad.

It’s good for stress relief and skin care, and if you eat it with dairy products like yogurt, you can supplement your calcium, so let’s take this opportunity to pay attention to the strawberry effect.

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